Why joe marcee?

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  • West Point graduate

  • Received Two Bronze Stars, one with Valor

  • Combat-tested leader

  • Member of Judge Advocate General (JAG)

  • Defense Counsel in United States v. Major Hasan

  • Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Army

  • Currently a U.S. Army Military Judge

  • Extensive criminal trial experience


If you have been accused of a criminal offense (whether that is of a violent, sexual, drug, or driving nature), everything you hold dear is in jeopardy. The best course of action you can take it to immediately obtain experienced legal representation. Do not give a statement nor agree to be interviewed.

Texas carries stiff penalties for felonies that can rob you of your freedom, lead to the loss of custody of your children, and revokes your voting and firearm ownership rights. If the offense is sexual in nature, you might have to register as a sex offender. Your family, career, reputation, and hope of future employment can become strained or outright ruined. In today’s charged atmosphere, a mere accusation is enough to do credible and lasting damage.

This is easily the most serious and devastating event in your life. In this dark hour, when the stakes are so high, you need an attorney with the determination and will to fight no matter the odds. You need a smart and tenacious attorney with a track record of success who is willing to defend you aggressively. You need representation that has successfully handled the biggest cases in the biggest venues. You need someone who is going to treat you with respect and compassion in this fraught time.

When your back is up against the wall, you need someone by your side that is going to fight until the end on your behalf. Combat and courtroom tested, Lieutenant Colonel Joe Marcee has been serving his country and clients relentlessly for over twenty years. Covering the Austin metro area, Joe handles Juvenile, State, and Federal criminal cases including Murder, Rape, Sexual Assault, Drug Trafficking, and Driving Offenses.

Find out why you should let Joe fight for you.


Joe excels at whatever he puts his mind and heart to (whether that is the armed forces or the law), consistently being singled out or awarded for his competence, dedication, and talent. As a West Point cadet, Joe graduated with honors. Participating in the invasion of Iraq, he was soon promoted into a combat leadership position where he earned two Bronze Stars. Later, he was singled out to attend law school and join the Judge Advocate General (JAG) branch of the Army, litigating cases on both sides of the isle. During that time, Joe was selected to serve on the defense team for the Fort Hood shooter. Recently, he has become a U.S. Army Military Judge, Lieutenant Colonel, given similar authority and duties as a U.S. Federal District Court Judge. In his private practice, Joe is the Director of the Williamson County Bar Association.

A dedicated and honored student of the law. A trained and tested leader decorated and promoted under fire. A top-notch attorney chosen to handle the most important case in United States military history. A respected and feared opponent in his private practice. A compassionate advocate for his clients, military personnel, and veterans. Joe brings tenacity, determination, integrity, strength, and experience into the courtroom and your defense. If your life hangs in the balance, put your trust in Joe Marcee



Joe’s life has been indelibly intertwined with his service in the U.S. Army for the last twenty years. From an early age, Joe knew he wanted to join the Army and study law. He achieved the first part of his dream when he graduated with honors from West Point Military Academy in 2001.

Shortly afterwards, Joe was thrust into the heat of combat during Operation Iraqi Freedom as an Armored platoon leader. Serving in the initial invasion, he was soon promoted to company Executive Officer, in charge of leading more than 100 soldiers on nightly patrols. For his actions, he earned two Bronze Stars, one with Valor for acts of heroism in combat.

Joe’s service shifted gears in 2004, when he was selected to enter the Judge Advocate General (JAG) program and study law at The University of Texas as Austin. The same character traits that made him such an effective combat officer serve him well in a court of law. With this honor, Joe had fulfilled both of his childhood dreams. From that day forward, Joe has served his country honorably in multiple roles within the military court system. Those roles include: prosecutor, defender, trainer, and now as a judge.

Joe’s service doesn’t stop in his private life. Ever dedicated to those who serve their country, he continues to volunteer his time defending veterans in the Williamson County Veterans Treatment Court. There he provides critical legal aid and representation to these often forgotten heroes.

When you are facing a fight for your life, you need to know that your counsel is ready to fight for you, no matter the odds. You need a warrior on your side. Combat and courtroom tested, Joe Marcee has proven he has what it takes in the heat of battle.   



As a member of the Judge Advocate General (JAG) in the U.S. Army, Joe gained invaluable experience on both sides of the law--insights he applies to the defense of his clients. Serving as a prosecutor, he handled courts-martial cases including murder, desertion, sexual assault, and drugs. As a Major, Capital Defense Counsel, he provided tough criminal defense to more than 500 soldiers in over 100 courts-martial cases, fully clearing 6 clients of all charges, numerous findings of not guilty, over 75 dispositions other than a court-martial, and one not guilty due to a lack of mental responsibility.

In 2012, Joe was selected to be on the defense counsel in the case of the United States v. Major Hasan, the Fort Hood shooter. He was responsible for constitutional challenges to the military death penalty, the admissibility of government aggravation evidence, discovery, and classified discovery. He won an unanimous federal appellate court opinion, succeeded in removing the judge for the appearance of bias, and excluded as unreliable a government terrorism “expert” who had previously testified in over 15 federal trials.

Even after he left active duty and entered into private practice, Joe continued his service in the Reserves as a Appellate Defense Counsel. In that role, he represented soldiers before the Army Court of Criminal Appeals, the Court of Appeals for the Armed forces, and the Supreme Court, if necessary. Beginning in 2019, Joe shifted from the front of the bench to the back as a Military Judge, Lieutenant Colonel. This position comes with similar duties and authority as a U.S. Federal District Court Judge.

In his private practice, Joe is the Director of the Williamson County Bar Association. Never phased, he takes the most daunting cases. Murder, rape, sexual assault, assault, manslaughter, drug trafficking, Joe is ready to turn his talents to your defense. He offers aggressive and smart representation, analyzing your case and developing a strategy to get you the best results. Prosecutors know Joe is not afraid to go to trial and fight your case. If you are accused of a serious criminal offense, you need a serious lawyer able to leverage every advantage to your cause. Look no further than Joe Marcee.



In your darkest hour, fear of the unknown naturally creates anxiety and stress. Things are moving quickly and in a legal language hard to comprehend. You not only want a bulldog in your corner, but you also want an attorney that listens and cares. It is your life, and you deserve to be treated with respect and dignity.

As Joe Marcee’s client, he doesn’t hide behind a shield of administrators. You get Joe’s cell number. He listens to you and is a partner in your defense, walking you through every step. He takes the time to understand your situation and proactively finds the professional support you need to present the best case on your behalf.

Do not become a faceless number in a high-volume firm. You deserve better than that. You deserve someone who sees you as an individual and intends to win no matter the odds.