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Marcee Law provides skilled and aggressive criminal defense in the greater Austin, TX area. Primary areas of practice include: sexual offenses, drug offenses, violent offenses, and driving offenses.

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Combat & Courtroom Tested

If you are accused of a criminal offense, the decision of who will represent you is the single most important decision you can make, potentially in your life. Felony convictions in Texas are some of the harshest in the country. The most serious penalties can carry life in prison without parole or the death penalty. Less serious convictions still carry hefty sentences and fines along with the revocation of your right to vote and own firearms. Even the trauma and stigma associated with the mere accusation of a criminal violent, sexual, or drug offense can ruin your family and professional life along with your reputation. Why take chances when the stakes are so high?

In this dark hour, you need a lawyer with the determination and will to fight no matter the odds. You need a smart and tenacious attorney with a track record of success who is willing to defend you aggressively. You need representation that has successfully handled the biggest cases in the biggest venues. You need someone who is going to treat you with respect and compassion in this fraught time.

You need Lieutenant Colonel, Joe Marcee. Combat and courtroom tested, Joe Marcee has been serving his country and clients relentlessly for over twenty years.

A recipient of two Bronze Stars, one with Valor in Combat, Joe has the strength to stand up to any fight. With military courtroom experience on both sides of the law while a member of the Judge Advocate General (JAG), and now as a U.S. Army Military Judge, Joe brings a unique and vast amount of legal knowledge and insight to your case. A compassionate and tireless advocate, Joe will go to battle to protect your rights and freedom.

Joe represents clients facing criminal felony charges for: murder, rape, sexual assault, drug trafficking and much more. No matter the venue, including Juvenile, State, and Federal courts, Joe tackles the toughest cases.


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A Warrior’s Heart

Intimately familiar with the heat and pressure of real life as well as courtroom battles, Joe has the mettle to stand up and fight no matter the odds. What sets Joe apart is his deep compassion for the people he serves. A lifelong advocate for the well-being of his fellow service men and women, Joe brings the same personal touch and dedication into his client relationships.

You will never feel like an afterthought at Marcee Law, where you are treated with respect and concern. Joe understands the gravity of your situation and is empathetic to the fear and intense stress that you are experiencing. That is why there is no maze of administrators to navigate nor a need to leave endless messages, waiting in vain for a response as your tension and anxiety grow.

At Marcee Law, you get Joe’s personal cell number. You will not be left in the dark, guessing about what steps you need to take in your defense, trying to understand the unclear legal jargon on your own, or ignorant of the options you have available to you. Joe is a partner in your defense, tirelessly working with you to develop a plan that supports your well-being along with a strategy to get you the best possible result in your case.

If you have been accused of a criminal offense in Central Texas, this is a scary and uncertain time in your life. The stakes could not be higher as your reputation and very freedom hang in the balance. You deserve an attorney that treats your case as seriously as you do, who has your back, and has a history of successful results. In this dark hour, you need more than an attorney, hire a warrior with a heart.


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